Aluminum Technology

Blackfin researched all new different alloys and selected the very best, the 5XXX series. The best engineered system is only as good as the materials utilized in the construction. The 5XXX series alloys exhibit superior ductility, formability and corrosion resistance with the mechanical properties of those approaching those of 6ooo series alloys in T-6 tempers. Most marine assemblies are fabricated using traditional welding processes. As such, the integrity of the structure is only as good as the weld affected areas. The 5XXX series alloys lose far less strength vs 6000 series alloys when subjected to the heat associated with traditional welding process.
The temperatures produced by traditional welding process are sufficient to anneal or weaken the extrusion in the affected areas, in essence making the weld affected areas the “Weak Link” of the component. An alloy temper combination such as 6061-t6 when annealed loses 42% of its ultimate strength and 54% yield strength while a 5XXX series/alloy temper combination such as 5083-H111 loses less than 3% ultimate and 33.3% yield Strength. This is attributed to the alloys high magnesium chemistry and strain hardened temper and vs the heat-treated and artificial age practice requited for T-6 tempers associated with 6000 series alloys.

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